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About Us

About Us

CUNEI INDIA represents innovation at the intersection of fashion and architecture.

Each product holds a strong connection to architectural design and is an exploration of the possibilities offered by movement, colors, and materials.

Our Craftmanship

Cunei India's core principal revolves around the balance of design and skilled craftsmanship, where every creative expression honours tradition. Each pair of shoes is made lovingly by artisans who are passionate about their craft. Combining traditional and new techniques of shoemaking, our shoes are handcrafted from start to finish.

Every shoe is thoroughly checked and tested - it’s comfort and durability is measured for a month before its launch in the market.

CUNEI INDIA strives to achieve mastery in every aspect of creation and provides women around the world shoes of the highest quality - whether it is a pair of flats, heels, wedges or any type of stylish, trendy and latest in design of ladies footwear in India.

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